Kunstmuseum Stuttgart:

"zwischen system&intuition: KONKRETE KÜNSTLERINNEN"

26. June – 17. October 2021

For the first time, a group of concrete female artists is the subject of an exhibition in Germany. Twelve artists were selected, most of whom have connections to each other, to Stuttgart or the region around Stuttgart and to the collection of the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. The exhibition examines the lives and works of these women, the conditions under which they were educated and presented before and after 1945, as well as their sponsors and networks. For the first time, the role of pioneering female gallery owners who promoted the concrete art will also be considered.
The exhibition traces the sociological aspects of women's biographies. In this way, it becomes evident how they influenced the artistic development of the respective life's work and its reception by the public.

More than 120 works show the varieties of concrete art between system and intuition: The cross-disciplinary work of the pioneers of modern art Sophie Taeuber-Arp and Sonia Delaunay shapes the entire world of life in the 1920s; Marcelle Cahn, Aurelie Nemours, Verena Loewensberg, Geneviève Claisse and Clara Friedrich-Jezler explore the possibilities of artistic means - colour, form and surface; Vera Molnar uses a computer for the first time to produce geometric compositions; the sculptures of Katarzyna Kobro, Mary Vieira, Charlotte Posenenske and the acoustic works of Lily Greenham call for social, participatory participation.

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