Mataré + BEUYS + Immendorff

On show at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

27 March until 20 June 2021

"one can no longer start from the old academic concept of training great artists, that remains a happy accident. what one can start from is the idea that art and knowledge gained from art can form a refluxing element into life."

joseph beuys, 1969

Joseph Beuys had been a pupil of Ewald Mataré at the Düsseldorf Art Academy since the spring of 1947 and a master student since 1951. Beuys' works from these years prove that he dealt comprehensively and productively with his teacher's aesthetics, especially with questions of religion, mythology and anthroposophy. not only with his actions, but also in his teaching, Beuys later broke away from a traditional concept of art and artistic-didactic concepts.

Using early drawings, sculptures and woodcuts, the exhibition presents and analyses the closeness and distance of the artistic roots of Mataré and Beuys. the encounter of the works of teacher and pupil reveal numerous aesthetic similarities and remarkable parallels in the spirituality of both artists. In addition, one room shows works by Jörg Immendorff. These works by the "Beuys Knight" and later professor at the art academy are in turn reflections on Beuys the teacher and his charismatic artistic personality.

In addition, documentary photographs by Robert Duchesnay, Ute Klophaus, Anita Kloten and Peter Holtfreter, Manfred Leve, Egbert Trogemann and Reiner Ruthenbeck complete the view of the artists.

The exhibition is accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue with contributions by Nicole Fritz, Siegfried Gohr, Friedrich Wolfram Heubach, Vanessa Sondermann and Klaus Staeck.

The exhibition is curated by Vanessa Sondermann.

We're proud to have contributed to this project with the artwork "Zeichen eines Steppenrindes" by Ewald Mataré

The small bronze sculpture "Zeichen eines Steppenrindes" from 1946 is representative of the many sculptures by the artist that were dedicated to the cow motif and for which Mataré, Josef Beuys' teacher, became known.

The exhibition is part of the anniversary programme "beuys 2021. 100 years of joseph beuys".

Further information also available at www.beuys2021.de

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