Your donnation helps!

Those who are at the bottom of society have been struck by Corona especially hard. Because first of all: selling newspapers has become difficult. And begging has also become difficult at a time when public life is virtually at a standstill.

Hubert Ostendorf

Being in the prestigious position that we have built over the past 45 years we felt responsibility to help and not only by donating money but by doing what we know best – creating exhibitions and selling artworks.

Within a week we had envisaged an exhibition of ‘Kleine Freuden’ (Little Delights) with works by gallery artist Klaus Fussmann. Further to producing a little catalogue within an extremely brief amount of time we asked the artist for two of his desired linocuts of flowers. We were given a total of sixty prints that we were hoping to sell for EUR 100 each.

The result: 10.000 Euro for homeless people in Dusseldorf

Wir sagen Danke: Ihre Spende hilft

We say Thank you: Your donnation helps

We were surprised by how quick these prints sold but within a week everything had gone and surprisingly we even sold another forty to finally donate a total of EUR 10.000 to fiftyfifty in not even three weeks. This has been an overwhelming success, which has made us and foremost the local homeless organization FiftyFifty very happy, which runs the local street newspaper and is taking care of housing for the homeless and many more initiatives

Manuel Ludorff

Right now we need money for the consequences of the Corona crisis. We need to buy food. We need to feed over 100 people every day. These are huge sums of money that are needed: 30,000 for food. That's the most important thing - that we get through the Corona crisis as good as we can.

Hubert Ostendorf

The edition of linocuts has sold out - but on the website of fiftyfifty you can find further great works of art by exciting artists that you can buy to help the ones who are most in need. We suggest to do this now! Have a look!

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