Gerhard Richter

Eis (1973/1981)

Gerhard Richter, Eis (1973/1981)
© Gerhard Richter

Lacquer on card used as jacket for Richter's artists book 'Eis'

20 × 43.5 cm | 7 3/4 × 17 in

Signed and numbered "6/90" on the first page in the book

Edition of 90 + 16 a.p. arabic numbered + X Roman numbered and ca. 3 others. Editor: Galleria Pieroni, Rome

Unique work. One of 90 different works which were all used as jackets for the Collector’s edition of the artist book "Eis"

Catalogue Raisonné by Butin/Gronert/Olbricht 2014 no. 58; Catalogue Raisonné by Butin/Gronert 2004 no. 58; Catalogue Raisonné by Butin 1993 no. 48


The artist's studio; Galleria Pieroni, Rome; Collection Nancy und Arnold Smolle, USA

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About Gerhard Richter

Influenced by post-war abstraction, Gerhard Richter began working intensively on abstract painting towards the end of the 1960s. Initially, however, he only created portraits and still lives based on photographs which, through their specific image detail and blurring, alienate reality.

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