Hermann Hesse


Hermann Hesse, Entzückung

Watercolour and Indian ink on paper

2 sheets, each 8 2/3 × 6 2/3 in

With the handwritten poem in 19 lines, 5 of them are on the back of the watercolour


Collection Helen Wolff, USA; Collection Rudolf and Irene Serkin, USA; Private Collection New York

  • Galerie Ludorff, "Hermann Hesse – Malerfreude", Düsseldorf 2016
  • Galerie Ludorff, "Hermann Hesse – Malerfreude", Dusseldorf 2016, p. 50
  • Richard C. Helt, "'... A Poet Or Not At All' The Tübingen and Basel Years of Hermann Hesse", Providence 1996, p. 6

About Hermann Hesse

The writer Hermann Hesse also worked as a visual artist and created an extensive oeuvre of watercolours and poetry illustrations.

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