Franz Marc Museum Kochel am See:

"August und Elisabeth Macke. Der Maler und die Managerin"

until September 17, 2023

August Macke is one of the most important protagonists of modernism. The role that his wife Elisabeth played in his artistic career beyond muse and model has received little attention. However, as a gifted networker, artistically active herself, and clever estate administrator, Elisabeth contributed significantly to Macke's success.

With the exhibition transfer from the LWL Museum of Art and Culture in Münster, the Franz Marc Museum in Kochel illuminates the artistic life of the couple for the first time. A central theme are the portraits that August drew and painted of Elisabeth.

Important stages in August Macke's oeuvre, such as his trip to Tunis and his exploration of abstraction, as well as his work in the field of arts and crafts, can be expanded and rethought through the Franz Marc Museum's collection and new loans. The network of the "Blaue Reiter" is focused on in the Franz Marc Museum through watercolors, humorous drawings, and letters. The juxtaposition of the handling of the artistic estate of their husbands who died in World War I sharpens the view of the respective strategies of Elisabeth Macke and Maria Marc.

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