August Macke

1887, Meschede1914, Perthes-les-Hurlus

August Macke, who died in 1914, is one of the most popular German artists of the 20th century. His diverse artistic oeuvre, which he produced in just a few years, comprises of oil paintings, watercolours and drawings, and is also characterized by a great variety of motifs. Lively city scenes alternate with lonely natural landscapes. Carefully arranged still lifes can be found alongside moving compositions of groups of people or posed nudes. Sensitive portraits of his wife Elisabeth or his children Walter and Wolfgang are particularly frequent. For Macke, a Rhenish Expressionist working mainly in Bonn, the significance of colour and the increase in its luminosity is central. With his writing he also made a programmatic contribution to the Blaue Reiter's group of artists.

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