Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz:

"Welche Moderne? In- und Outsider der Avantgarde"

October 22, 2023 – January 14, 2024

The exhibition is dedicated to two poles of modern art between the two world wars: so-called naive painting and avant-garde positions such as Cubism, New Objectivity and Surrealism. A high-caliber selection of around 100 works tells of the relationships, networks and mutual influences of well-known protagonists of classical modernism and lesser-known autodidacts of naive art in eloquent juxtapositions. It enables a new reading and puts the canon of "insiders" and "outsiders" up for discussion.

The centerpiece is the historical exhibition Les Maîtres populaires de la réalité. This took place in 1937 in the hall of the Revue de la Renaissance in Paris; in the shadow of the World Exhibition, which was dominated by strong ideological juxtapositions; Stalinist and National Socialist megalomaniac architecture and sculptures. The show Les Maîtres populaires de la réalité featured works by Henri Rousseau, Séraphine Louis, André Bauchant and Camille Bombois, among others. The artists never saw themselves as a unified group, but were regarded as a popular counter-movement to other styles, with whose representatives they were in close contact. The exhibition was subsequently also shown in a modified form in Zurich, London and later in New York. After that, it became quieter and most of the artists shown there initially fell into oblivion again.

An exhibition with works by André Bauchant, Max Beckmann, Camille Bombois, Heinrich Campendonk, Marc Chagall, Edith Dettmann, Adolf Dietrich, Otto Dix, Max Ernst, Kurt Günther, Alexander Kanoldt, Fernand Léger, Séraphine Louis, Jean Lurçat, August Macke, René Magritte, Max Peiffer-Watenphul Dominique Peyronnet, Henri Rousseau, Felix Nussbaum, Christian Schad, Georg Schrimpf, Karl Schwesig, Richard Seewald, Adalbert Trillhaase, Maurice Utrillo, Louis Vivin, Gustav Wunderwald and many more...

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