Hermann Max Pechstein

1881, Zwickau1955, Berlin

Hermann Max Pechstein is a master at creating exciting and atmospheric images with his woodcut-like formal language reminiscent of African cult objects and his sometimes daring colour compositions. Already during his time with the artists' association "Brücke" (1906-1912) he was successful with his art and took part in large exhibitions. He often found his motifs outside, in free nature. Together with the other "Brücke" artists he painted nudes in the forest or at the lakes around Dresden. During his stays on the Curonian Spit in the artists' colony Nidden, he developed his preference for sea landscapes and one of his favourite motifs: boats. His paintings and watercolours, painted with concise brushstrokes, show the influences of Derain, Matisse, and above all Vincent van Gogh, whom the young Pechstein admired. Typical for the expressionist Pechstein are his bright colours, which he sets in an exciting contrast to each other in his paintings as well as in his works on paper.

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