Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

1884, Rottluff1976, Berlin

As a founding member of the "Brücke" and central figure of Expressionism, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff's works are characterized by an abstract representation in bright colors. He captures the world in fast, confident brushstrokes and enhances the expressive character of his paintings on canvas and paper by juxtaposing intense colors with exciting complementary contrasts. In this way he composes his art through the effect of colour and not through a perspective depth effect. His works are characterized by a strong spontaneity, which comes from the sketchy style of painting and the partly unpainted areas of the ground, but also from the choice of motifs. Schmidt-Rottluff often captures everyday scenes, e.g. village life during his stays at the North Sea and Baltic Sea. When he works with models, they are not in an academic rigidity, but regularly change their position, following the principle of the Viertelstundenakt (fifteen-minute-nude) of the "Brücke". His wonderful landscapes also shine with a strong luminosity that immediately captivates the viewer.

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