Hermann Hesse online

The Armory Show presents "THE PANDEMIC IS A PORTAL"

April, 15 - April, 25 2021

Before The Armory Show can hopefully open its doors to all the collectors and art lovers in September, the team of the renowned fair is addressing the current situation with the curated online exhibition "THE PANDEMIC IS A PORTAL" in a new direction.
Conceived by Daniel Palmer, curator at the New York Public Art Fund, the digital group exhibition shows almost 20 artworks, builds on Arundhati Roy's essay "The Pandemic Is a Portal", which was first published in the Financial Times on April 4th last year.
Roy argues that the pandemic is a portal through which we pass. Her central question is whether, at this critical juncture, we will remain in old patterns and prejudices or turn our backs on yesterday and step forward to move from our present world to the next, and if so, what is it that we will leave behind?
Each artist in this presentation grapples with these very questions and shows how art is always pushing us to reinvent our existence.
We are delighted to be adding a wonderful work by Hermann Hesse to this very important exhibition.

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