Museum Brandhorst:

"Andy Warhol & Keith Haring. Party of Life"

June 28, 2024 – January 26, 2025

They were pop stars, charismatic networkers and (self-)marketing geniuses: Andy Warhol and Keith Haring are not only among the most famous artists of the second half of the 20th century. They also revolutionized the established ideas of art and its distribution. Warhol's pop paintings and Haring's dancing figures are part of our collective visual memory and are still omnipresent in advertising, fashion, music and film today. Despite their great age difference and different styles, the two artists were friends and companions. They met in the New York art and clubbing scene and influenced each other - and many others.

About the exhibition:

With “Andy Warhol & Keith Haring. Party of Life", Museum Brandhorst presents the world's first comprehensive institutional exhibition dedicated to the two artists. The title of the show is borrowed from the motto of Keith Haring's birthday celebrations: “Party of Life” tells of the cosmos of the 1980s, of MTV, discos, voguing, hip-hop, new wave and graffiti. In this environment, the exhibition traces the two artists' friendship. It reveals parallels in their artistic self-image, their openness to cooperation and collaborative projects as well as their inclusive attitude: art and its messages should reach as many people as possible.

The exhibition shows over 120 works by Warhol and Haring, collaborations between the two as well as works created in exchange with artists, performers, authors or music and fashion icons of the time. In addition to key works, it also focuses on film and photographic recordings, archive material and posters, records and everyday objects designed by the artists. Party of Life” at Museum Brandhorst, which houses the largest Warhol collection outside the USA with over 120 works as well as a growing collection of Haring works, thus opens up new perspectives on both artists.

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