Andy Warhol

1928, Pittsburgh1987, New York

Andy Warhol is regarded as one of the main representatives of American Pop Art. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Warhol knew how to filter and aesthetically rework the idols and banalities of everyday life. The artist did this in order to condense the pictorial effect and heighten the absurd triviality of the motifs into the monumental. In this way, the alienation between art and society was to be eliminated. His portrait of Monroe, but even his catastrophe and disaster images reflect this thought: everything is beautiful and nothing is more than pure surface. With his serial screen printing process, the production of the ordinary panel painting is completely questioned - the uniqueness and singularity of a painting loses its meaning with Warhol. Warhol is not interested in the sublime, his subject is the platitude. For this reason, the photographic models for his pictorial motifs mostly come from newspapers or from kitsch and celebrity magazines, which Warhol playfully transforms into his works.

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