THANK YOU - 30 works for mother's day (online only)

Apr 29 May 8, 2022

online only

THANK YOU - 30 works for mother's day (online only)

May 8 is Mother's Day! We want to take this day as an opportunity to present you our most beautiful works about love, family and motherhood and who knows, maybe you will find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Enjoy browsing!


Motherhood is a special kind of love relationship, it is unconditional, tender and never-ending. However, being raised lovingly and sure of the support of one's parents is unfortunately not something that can be taken for granted. Especially in times of war, we should realize that every day spent together with the family is a gift.

Time is the most precious gift you can offer one another. So why not take the time to travel once again, discovering distant countries together, visiting museums or just taking a trip to the park with your kids or beloved ones?

One of Max Liebermann's favorite motifs is certainly the depiction of children at play, which fascinated the painter throughout his entire artistic career.


History gives us many examples of inspiring women and mothers. Mary, the holy virgin and mother of Jesus is probably the most famous one. No less interesting, however, are strong personalities such as the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, the last female pharaoh and mother of four children.

Tenderly, the female figure at the center of the picture buries her face in her son's hair. Her eyes closed, she has protectively wrapped her powerlessly drooping arms around her two children, who are nestled against their mother's body.
In addition to social themes, Käthe Kollwitz, probably one of the most important German artists of the 20th century, repeatedly devoted herself to the subject of motherhood in her drawings, graphic works, and later also sculptures.


Love has many facets. It cannot be defined and it is individual and different for everyone. Some may feel it when looking at their children, their mother, their sweetheart, others may feel it on the back of a horse and for others.... well, the supermother has the form of a drill.

Designed with only a few cutouts, the work "Young Mother" by Emil Nolde describes a moment of extreme intimacy. A young mother bends devotedly over her newborn child and gives him the breast. Her eyes are closed, lovingly she has put her left arm around the child wrapped in a blanket.
The figures merge in intimate togetherness, which Nolde emphasizes by the white contour of the two figures. The bright silhouette on a black background has the effect of an enveloping glow and lends the depiction something Madonna-like. In this work, Nolde lets us participate in one of the most essential feelings of mankind, the love of a mother for her child.

However the love and respect for your mother manifests itself - we wish you a "lovelee dae" <3

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