Karin Kneffel

1957, Marllives and works in Munich

Born in Marl in 1957 and now living in Düsseldorf, painter Karin Kneffel studied painting at the Düsseldorf Art Academy until 1987, including as a master student with Gerhard Richter. She was previously devoted to the representation of stable animals such as sheep, cattle and the like in various, mostly small-format portrait views in the manner of an old master, but later expanded her oeuvre with photorealistic depictions of fruit still lifes, interiors and landscapes. What is striking about her works is the visual and spiritual-emotional degree migration between closeness and distance. It uses genres typical of realism and depicts them detached from their traditional contexts. Although the subjective ideas associated with the motifs may flare up, they are contrasted by the non-commentary, rather documentary-ordered reproduction. Thus, it is finally questioned which meaning and value is assigned to representation and observation, which is often accompanied by a critical examination of the individual worldview.

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