Cornelius Völker

1965, Kronachlives and works in Dusseldorf

Cornelius Völker studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf from 1989 - 1995 under A. R. Penck and Dieter Krieg. Numerous awards and scholarships followed, such as the Cité Internationale des Arts Paris scholarship, the Max Ernst scholarship of the city of Brühl, and the working scholarship of the Kunst und Kultur in NRW foundation. Since 2005 he also maintaines a professorship at the Kunstakadmie Münster. The painter became known for his colourful, figurative depictions of everyday situations, in whose spectrum of themes it is no longer possible to distinguish between banal and representational. In his serial treatise on his subjects, Völker stages the creation process of painting by describing the depicted - detached from time and space - as a thin line between figuration and abstraction.

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