Barbara "Annah" Gaul

1943, Königsberglives & works in Dusseldorf

Barbara "Annah" Gaul's form of expression are abstract-floral colour modulations inspired by jazz. After studying at the Staatliche Kunstschule Bremen (1960-1964), the painter Annah first worked as an archaeological draughtswoman at the Museum of Prehistory in Oldenburg. Since 1967 she has maintained intensive contacts with musicians of the free jazz scene. She undertook painting trips to Ceylon, Pakistan, Ibiza, Mallorca and New York, among other places, and lived for a time in Antwerp and Italy. In the 1990s she shared a studio with A.R. Penck in Cologne, with whom she also helped to organise jazz festivals. Since 2003, she has been taking care of the artistic estate of her husband Winfred Gaul.

Selected Artworks