Otto Dix

1891, Untermhaus bei Gera1969, Singen/Hohentwiel

Otto Dix, born in Gera in 1891, is one of the most important and influential German painters of the 20th century. After an apprenticeship as a decorative painter in Gera, the young Dix attended the Applied Arts School in Dresden. The First World War, in which Dix participated as an MG gunner, had a great influence on his artistic development. The works of this period, some of which were created in the trenches, not only document the horrors of war, but also denounce social and political grievances in general. In ruthless detail and realism, the artist depicts the exploitation and degradation of man and his environment. In 1922 the artist moved to the Rhineland. Dix studied at the Düsseldorf Art Academy and became involved in the artist’s community, "Das Junge Rheinland". Like his time at war, the artist developed his preferred pictorial themes from his own experience. Unembellished, but without unmasking or denouncing, he describes the splendour and misery of the "Golden Twenties". Otto Dix acquired his fame particularly as an unmistakable portraitist and chronicler of his time. His works convey a lively and multi-layered picture of the pleasures, attractions and distortions of life in the modern metropolis.

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