Klaus Fussmann - Little Pleasures

Apr 8 Aug 29, 2020

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Klaus Fußmann. Klaus Fussmann - Little Pleasures

Klaus Fußmann paints after nature. He paints what spring and summer in the landscape around Gelting and in the wild garden around his studio house offer him. He captures moments of exuberant beauty, which – although they foresee later decay – feel like a triumph. Fußmann shares these barely tangible moments with the viewer just as he shares with us all his knowledge of the rich treasure of painting and colors.

But Fußmann's painting is truly more than just a little pleasure (Kleine Freude). It is a great gift to the viewer and when we look at the ca. 40 works from almost as many creative years, we feel his experience of change at close range. Fußmann paints the becoming and fading .

They are very attentive observations in which the artist omits and exaggerates, in which colors and forms melt and dissolve in order to reunite in a chord of the most beautiful colors. All this hits us right in the heart, because the passion for nature, the artist's great joy of life and his positive view of the world are deeply human.

1938, Velbertlives and works in Berlin and Gelting


Current conditions, as they are particularly evident in this spring of 2020, challenge more urgently than ever the playing out of new possibilities. In the course of its more than forty-year existence, Galerie Ludorff has made a name for itself beyond the borders of the Rhineland, especially in the field of exhibition organization.

Klaus Fußmann - Kleine Freuden (online only)

We have decided to make productive use of this existential turning point in our working methods and, in the shortest possible time, have launched a project for you with which we are breaking new ground in many respects.

Kleine Freuden (Little Pleasures) is an online exhibition based on a presentation of works that will never exist on the gallery walls , nor has it ever existed.

The works presented in it are not only representatives of a possible past – an exhibition that never took place in this form – but also of an actual present and a view into a future that has not yet been reached. This could be a future in which we will – perhaps – translate this possible combination of works into reality.

Klaus Fußmann - Little Pleasures (online only)

Klaus Fußmann - Little Pleasures | fundraising for charity (accomplished)

Where do you go in times of Corona when everyone should stay at home, but you do not have a home?

At the moment, not only companies are facing enormous challenges. People on the edge of society and aid organizations are suffering all the more from the current situation.

We have decided to help and take the current online exhibition of »Little Pleasures« (Kleine Freuden) with works by Klaus Fußmann as an opportunity to support a charity that is particularly close to our hearts. fifty-fifty is the title of our local street newspaper that the homeless of our city are selling and that usually provides for them. Corona has made all the passers-by vanish. Their very low income has therefore fully disappeared, which is why it is almost impossible to make ends meet.

UPDATE: Both linocuts are sold out. Contact us for similar artworks!

If you would like to support homeless people in Dusseldorf beyond our charity action, you can also support fifty-fifty fifty-fifty by purchasing other works.

With warm greetings from the Ludorff gallery staff,

Manuel Ludorff

About Klaus Fußmann

The painter and graphic artist Klaus Fußmann became famous for his reinterpretation of classical genres such as landscape, flower and still life paintings. He was represented with his works in the Neue Nationalgalerie (1972), the Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt (1982) and in the Museum Ostwall in 2003.

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