Cologne Fine Art & Design 2019
Cologne Fine Art & Design 2019

Nov 21 – 24, 2019
Booth B 19

Messeplatz 1

The Cologne Fine Art & Designs turns 50.

Founded in 1970 as Westdeutsche Kunstmesse, COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN celebrates its 50 anniversay of being one of the leading fairs in Germany for Art, Antiques and Design.

Let's celebrate!

Find us at booth 19, hall 11.2

Our Highlights

Willi Baumeister, Kessaua statuarisch
Kessaua statuarisch

Willi Baumeister saw himself connected with the "primitive" forms of expression of old and non-European cultures, as he sought to fathom the archetypes of art in his own work. In Kessaua a floating world with superimposed, dissolving, coloured and graphic elements is depicted statuary. The painting belongs to the group of works named by Baumeister Kessaua and created between 1953 and 1955, which comprises only fourteen works. It is to be understood as a further development of the previous pictures of the Africa series, the so-called Mogador series and the mock reliefs.

Feininger's encounter with Cubism in the Salon des Indépendants in Paris marked a change in his oeuvre and led him to a new stylistic development - a cubist fragmentation of the representational with prismatic and crystalline forms. In "a passing Sail" Feininger increasingly focuses on coloured accents: he fills the drawn surfaces, the sky, the sea and the spit of land in the foreground with colours. The land stands out in a glowing magenta and is reflected in the second smaller ship in the left half of the picture. The large, dominating, calm, light blue sky zone is contrasted with the magenta-coloured accent, balancing the overall appearance.

"I only knew one thing about animals when I was very young: Every animal should be developed in its own beauty. By doing this it will find fulfilment of its existence, the happiness of its life, the participation that rests in life itself and that we have forgotten or forgotten to feel."

Renée Sintenis quoted in: Britta E. Buhlmann, "Renée Sintenis. Monograph of the Sculptures", Darmstadt 1987, p. 53.