Renée Sintenis

1888, Glatz1965, Berlin

As an exceptional phenomenon, the German sculptor and graphic artist Reneé Sintenis belongs to the generation that deliberately decided against commissioned sculpture at the beginning of the century. This generation did this in order to instead devote itself to free, individual expression in the medium of sculpture. From 1908 to 1912 she studied at the Berliner Kunstgewerbeschule, and in 1915 she exhibited at the Berliner Secession and was soon represented by the renowned Galerie Flechtheim. She was an integral part of the Berlin artistic circle and was the second woman ever to be appointed to the Prussian Academy of the Arts in 1931. Renée Sintenis became famous for her delicate, handy animal sculptures. The horses, dogs and donkeys cast in bronze soon found their way into numerous museum collections and private homes. She received numerous honours and also designed the Berlin Bear, which is still awarded in miniature form as the Berlinale Prize.

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