Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Boote auf dem Müggelsee
ca. 1911

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Boote auf dem Müggelsee

Watercolour and pencil on paper

27.6 × 34.1 cm / 10 7/8 × 13 7/16 in

With the Basel estate stamp and numbered »A Dre/Aa 28« and »K 5042« and also inscribed »Vergl. Grohmann Kirchnerzeichnungen Nr. 29 ›Segelbooten auf dem Müggelsee 1910‹«by a third hand

The work has been registered by the Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Archiv Wichtrach/Bern

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The artist’s studio; The artist’s estate (until 1938); Kunstmuseum Basel (1946); Stuttgarter Kunstkabinett Roman Norbert Ketterer, Stuttgart (1954); Galerie Roman Norbert Ketterer, Stuttgart & Lugano; Collection Dr. Franz Burda, Offenburg (since 1971); Private Collection

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About Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

The expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was co-founder of the artist association »Brücke« and lived mainly in Dresden and Berlin.

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