Gerhard Richter

Kerze I

Gerhard Richter, Kerze I

offset on paper

89.3 × 94.5 cm / 35 3/16 × 37 3/16 in

Signed, "Sept. 88" dated and "für Wilhelm Ansorg with herzlichen Grüßen-" dedicated

Edition of 250 + 3 by Gerhard Richter with »Joseph Beuys« or »Georg Baselitz« + 2 trial proofs + 2 unsigned copies Printer: Kirschbaum Laserscan, Dusseldorf Editor: Verein zur Förderung moderner Kunst e.V. am Mönchehaus-Museum für moderne Kunst, Goslar

The edition is based on a side-inverted photograph of the oil painting »Kerze« from 1982 (cf. Cat.rais. by Elger 2013 no. 512-1)

Catalogue Raisonné by Butin/Olbricht/Gronert 2014 no. 64 / Catalogue Raisonné by Butin/Olbricht/Gronert 2004 no. 64 / Catalogue Raisonné by Butin1993 no. 54

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Private Collection Lower Saxony

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About Gerhard Richter

Influenced by post-war abstraction, Gerhard Richter began working intensively on abstract painting towards the end of the 1960s. Initially, however, he only created portraits and still lives based on photographs which, through their specific image detail and blurring, alienate reality.

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