Henri Matisse

Homme et Femme

Henri Matisse, Homme et Femme

Indian ink on paper

26.7 × 20.3 cm / 10 1/2 × 8 in

Signed, dated »26/12 42« and inscribed in his own hand »à la fête à neuneu 6 boules pour 20 jours«

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Confirmation by Pierre Matisse, New York 1979


Jean-Pierre Lefebvre, Montreal (-1978); Neal Auction Company, New Orleans (Anon. sale, 26 Feb. 1994, Lot 443); Private Collection William S. Reese, USA (-2022)

  • Galerie Ludorff, "Neuerwerbungen Herbst 2023", Düsseldorf 2023, S. 112

About Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse, French painter, draughtsman, graphic artist and sculptor, was an important artist of classical modernism and a pioneer and main representative of Fauvism. He initially studied law and discovered his artistic passion in a roundabout way when he made his first painting studies while …

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