Karl Otto Götz, Ohne Titel

Gouache on paper

40 × 53 cm / 15 3/4 × 20 7/8 in

Signed and dated »53« also stamped »Sammlung Rissa-Götz« and inscribed with an address from Frankfurt on the verso

The work has been registered for the catalogue raisonné of the works on paper currently being prepared by the K.O. Götz and Rissa Foundation, Niederbreitbach-Wolfenacker

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We thank Joachim Lissmann, K.O. Götz and Rissa Foundation, for the kind confirmation of the work's authenticity


The artist’s studio; Collection Rissa-Götz; Private Collection North Rhine-Westphalia (acquired directly from the artist)

  • Galerie Ludorff, "Neuerwerbungen Herbst 2020". Düsseldorf 2020
  • Galerie Ludorff, "Neuerwerbungen Herbst 2020", Düsseldorf 2020, S. 38

Karl Otto Götz is considered one of the main representatives of Art Informel. This art movement emerged in France after the end of the Second World War and quickly found various forms in large parts of Europe. Important for its development as a lively and experimental style of painting were above all the urge for freedom and the contact between artists. The desire for inspiring and creative exchange was particularly pronounced in Germany, where artists like Götz had felt stifled for years by restrictive rules and laws.

Detached from figurative motifs and strict forms, Götz creates a picture with great expressiveness in this work through his spontaneous, impulsive squeegee technique. Different colours flow into one another, giving the picture a strong dynamic. Abstract forms are created, some of which appear three-dimensional. By wiping the colours, they appear to be intertwined. The vibrancy of the picture achieved in this way is enhanced by intense red and orange tones.

About Karl Otto Götz

After 1945, Karl Otto Götz broke new ground. As member of the "German Informel" and Professor at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, he devoted himself to the dissolution of the classical principle of form and experimental art.

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