Bram Bogart


For Bram Bogart, color as physical matter and the material possibilities of the medium were the focus of his work. The mass of paint functioned as an indicator of physical activity, which was pushed, drawn or dragged across the canvas. Thus, starting from his early figurative painting, through abstract cubistic-geometric and gestural works, he developed his key period, in which he brought more and more colored paint material onto the canvas. His works exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 1970 are impressive examples of this. He visually softened the edges of these sculptural paintings or gave them a broad outline, the material of which often protruded beyond the boundary between the picture and its surroundings, emphasizing it and showing its importance for the artist. Through this demarcation, the work also becomes a refuge where the viewer can enjoy a sense of calm. In addition, the color fields and accumulations convey an idea of "building" with color and illustrating a seamless cohesion of color, gesture and structure.

Selected Artworks