Heinz Mack

1931, Lollarlives & works in Mönchengladbach & Ibiza

Light gives the room its sensuality, its atmosphere, its transparency. (H. M., 1961)

In 1957 Heinz Mack and Otto Piene founded the ZERO movement, which aims to mark a zero point and a new beginning in art. 1961 Günther Uecker joins the movement. The traditional understanding of art was to be overcome. Mack experimented with light and movement, partly directly in untouched nature. He understands "colour as light and light as colour". His non-objective sculptures, works on paper and paintings follow the same principle: since 1991, "Chromatic Constellations" have been created from pure color, visualizing the oscillations and dynamics between individual color levels. The delineated forms create a rhythm in the works. His sculptures and reliefs are also characterized by the powerful combination of light and movement. Mack himself describes drawings as "grammar of my art" and "language of his hand".

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