Horst Janssen

1929, Hamburg1995, Hamburg

Horst Janssen is indisputably one of the most interesting and technically skilled illustrators and graphic artists of the 20th century. After his first large successful solo exhibition, which toured several German cities in 1965-66, he achieved international recognition with his participation in the 1968 Venice Biennale, which was frowned upon and considered reactionary during that time period since he painted figuratively. Janssen loved provocation, playing with words and ambiguities, which he often disguised in a humorous way. His unique visual creations such as his (self-)portraits, his flower pictures and above all in his erotic nudes, impress with their precise modelling. Janssen does not blur or rub anything to achieve effects. Everything is drawn. With different hard pencils and a variety of very fine Pencil strokes he succeeds in creating a great variety of grey tones. That is why he gave himself the much-cited name “Million Stroke Artist” (“Millionenstrichler”).

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