Jörg Sasse

1962, Bad Salzuflenlives & works in Berlin

After studying photography in the Becher class at the Düsseldorf Art Academy from 1982-87, Jörg Sasse works in the medium of photography but sees himself as a visual artist. He uses the medium as a form of expression to investigate the relationship between photography and reality. He draws his photographic material from his archive, in which he has collected over 10,000 everyday amateur and his own photographs since 1994 and arranged them in over 50 categories. He has exhibited part of this collection as "Speicher I - V" since 2008. He retouches these images digitally and alienates them by, for example, cropping of them, changing the perspective, blurring, deleting or adding to it. This creates iconic photographs that encourage viewers to question the manipulation of reality and the construction of memory through photography.

Selected Artworks