Lesser Ury

1861, Birnbaum bei Posen1931, Berlin

Lesser Ury spent his childhood in Berlin. At the age of 26, the young man spent more than ten years in Europe until he finally returned to his hometown in 1887. The metropolis became his preferred artistic motif. Again and again Ury roamed his surroundings and captured urban life in all its splendour as a silent observer. At different times of the day, in the light of the glistening sun or in the darkness of the night, or under changing weather conditions, he would create numerous views of the metropolis and thus advanced to become one of the most important pioneers of German Impressionism. Ury, celebrated as a master of pastel technique, was a member of the Berlin Secession from 1914, and his works were exhibited in the leading galleries of Paul Cassirer and Heinrich Thannhauser.

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