Thomas Struth

1954, Geldernlives and works in Berlin

Thomas Struth is a serial and analogue working photo-artist who, as a student of the famous Becher class, is an important representative of the Dusseldorf photo school. Originally, Struth was enrolled in Gerhard Richter's painting class at the Dusseldorf Art Academy, but then switched as one of the first students to the newly founded and now famous photography class of Bernd and Hilla Becher. Struth's first series of works, strictly central perspective Street Views, was intended to document normal streets of a faceless, rebuilt German city, taken on quiet and deserted days, standing in the middle of the street with his plate camera. The series of streets spans Struth's entire body of work, and he continues to work on it today. Through the strict and repeated grid of symmetrical composition, he tries to create a comparative composition to make the visual structure more clear to the viewer. The photographic artist takes on the work between the viewer and the viewed, seeking to reflect a so-called "precise vision" through his photographs. Over the years, new groups of works have been added, including the Paradise series, family portraits, places of devotion, Winterthur flower pictures, museum pictures and places of science.

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