Colors in Play

Mar 5 May 14, 2022

Gallery Ludorff Königsallee 22 Dusseldorf

Josef Albers. Colors in Play

If someone says „Red” (the name of a color) and there are 50 people listening, it can be expected that there will be 50 reds in their minds. And one can be sure that all these reds will be different.

Josef Albers

From 5 March, we will be showing a top-class selection of works by the German-American artist Josef Albers. The solo exhibition focuses on the print oeuvre and shows almost 60 works - created between 1961 and 1973.

In 1950, the year of his appointment as chairman of the Design Department at Yale University, Albers, at the age of 62, embarked on the series of works that would become his signature: »Homage to the Square«. Albers continued the strategy established in »Variants«. The structure of the works in »Homage to the Square«, however, is even more rigorous and conceptual: three or four squares are layered on top of each other, their center shifted slightly downwards, with each painted in a different flat color.

When I paint I think and see first and most — Color but color as motion

Josef Albers

Under the following link you can already get a preview of our new exhibition catalogue:

About Josef Albers

As a teacher at Bauhaus and Black Mountain Collage, Josef Albers is regarded as an important pioneer of Op Art and color field painting. His oeuvre imperceptibly influences the abstract and concrete art.

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