Ewald Mataré

Eingekauertes Rind II

Ewald Mataré, Eingekauertes Rind II


15 × 10.3 × 5 cm / 5 7/8 × 4 1/16 × 1 15/16 in

Signed with the initials

Edition of acc. to the Catalogue Raisonné at least 7, several of them estate castings, casting date unknown

Catalogue Raisonné by Schilling 1994 no. 306b

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Private Collection Germany (-2014); Galerie Vömel, Dusseldorf (2014); Private Collection Hesse (2014-2022)

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About Ewald Mataré

Ewald Mataré' s sculptural work is characterized by the search for the form of the essential. Through the reduction and abstraction of the given form, he finds the expression of the elemental and symbolic hidden beneath the surface.

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