Rupprecht Geiger

1908, Munich2009, Munich

Rupprecht Geiger's oeuvre has changed from being an architect and a war painter, to being one of the pioneering representatives of German colour field painting since 1945. As a founding member of the artist group "ZEN 49", he has devoted himself more passionately than almost anyone else to the interaction of colour. Red has particularly become his defining colour, which symbolizes "life, energy, potency, power, love, warmth, power". It's experience was probably one of the most important factors for Geiger to specialize his ouevre in this way. Rich in contrast, he lets strict forms and colours meet in "variations" or "modulations" - as he calls them - to draw new qualities from them. In addition to painting, the screen-printing process crystallizes as a means of pursuing his visions of pure luminosity.

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