Sonia Delaunay


Sonia Delaunay-Terk was a painter and fashion designer. She began to create works of the avant-garde in the environment of the Fauves (German: Wilde), which focused on colour, light and rhythm. Her main aim was to emphasise the independence of colour as a compositional element in the picture. Inspired by music and dance, she rhythmised her mostly geometric colour shapes in the picture and thus set them in motion. She was part of the Surrealist circle and designed costumes for Dada performances. During the First World War, she opened her first boutique in Portugal, later another in Paris, thus combining her art with fashion. She worked with fabric manufacturers who produced her avant-garde designs for exclusive garments. From the 1950s onwards, she devoted herself exclusively to art and enjoyed high recognition during her lifetime with numerous museum exhibitions. It was always important to her not to borrow anything from the past, but to take the pulse of the times.

Selected Artworks
Selected Exhibitions