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Jul 16 Oct 31, 2020

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Christopher Lehmpfuhl. Wolkenspiel - [online only]

Lehmpfuhl is a plain-air painter. His working method is essentially connected to the motif on site. What happens when the artist can no longer go out and is forced to spend his time at home though? Due to the Corona Pandemic, Christopher Lehmpfuhl's life and work has changed very spontaneously. Watercolour painting that he already began several years ago has strongly been intensified and we are thrilled to present his work in this more delicate medium.

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exhibition video "Christopher Lehmpfuhl - Wolkenspiel" (german only)

1972, Berlinlives & works in Berlin


The exhibition "Christopher Lehmpfuhl - Wolkenspiel" presents 20 watercolours alongside a handful of new small sized oil paintings by the artist. In contrast to his impasto paintings, in which he unmistakably uses a lot of oil paint, Lehmpfuhl reduces exactly this characteristic in his watercolours. Colour continues to play a major role in order to capture the play of light from sun and shadow, the play of colours in nature, architectural details or objects from the artist's living environment very attentively and with great ease.

All works can be seen upon request. Please contact us at mail@ludorff.com.

Also in watercolour painting it helps the artist to grasp given situations very quickly and to capture the mood of a very specific moment. However, the watercolours are mixed beforehand and applied very delicately glazed on handmade paper. In this the painting process differs very clearly from the artist's oil painting.

Lehmpfuhl moved in and around his home. In his watercolours he concentrates on private interior scenes, insights into his living spaces, views of his immediate surroundings.

Interview with Christopher Lehmpfuhl

"It is perhaps the most personal exhibition I have ever done at Ludorff. There are also some oil paintings that show the opposite, so to speak, but are also more like cabinet pieces. It will be a quiet, intimate exhibition that does not have the same spirited and expressive expression as the other exhibitions before. But I think it corresponds very well to our time. [...] All the watercolours that I am now showing in the exhibition at Ludorff are finished works for me. They can be seen for me at once with the oil paintings. I have completed them with a great deal of concentration and it was important to me that they are not just sketchy, but that they are finished paintings."

(Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Interview Berlin 2020)

exhibition catalogue - inclusive full interview with Christopher Lehmpfuhl [german only]

About Christopher Lehmpfuhl

Christopher Lehmpfuhl's work follows the tradition of the plein air painting of the German Impressionists. His works can be found in the Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe, the Badisches Landesmuseum, Karlsruhe and the collection of the German Bundestag in Berlin.

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