Erich Heckel, Stillleben (Blumen in Vase)

Gouache and chalk on postcard

15.3 × 10.2 cm / 6 × 4 in

Artist’s postcard stamped with the date »25.8.21« and hand­written by Siddi Heckel addressed to Dr. W. Mayer on the verso translation: »Dear Dr. Mayer, Thank you for your greetings and wishes. Here one day is more beautiful than the next. Heckel works a lot. Please, keep the make-up scene until autumn. I wouldn't know where to put it now, because I don't want it on the road. We both greet you, your wife Elisabeth and the children. Your S. Heckel«

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We thank the Erich Heckel Estate, Hemmenhofen for the kind confirmation of the work̕s authenticity and the registration in the work archive


Private Collection Dr. W. Mayer, Munich; Gropper Art Gallery, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts (1972); Private Collection Massachusetts

  • Galerie Ludorff, "Neuerwerbungen Herbst 2020". Düsseldorf 2020
  • Galerie Ludorff, "Neuerwerbungen Herbst 2020", Düsseldorf 2020, S. 48

About Erich Heckel

Erich Heckel is one of the most important representatives of German Expressionism. He is co-founder of the artist group "Brücke", one of the most influential artistic movements of the 20th century.

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