Imi Knoebel

1940, Dessaulives and works in Düsseldorf

The painter and sculptor Imi Knoebel, born in 1940 in Dessau, studied the methods of structural and constructive composition at the Werkkunstschule Darmstadt before studying under Joseph Beuys at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf. Influenced by the works of Piet Mondrian and Kasimir Malewitsch, he uses a puristic-geometric design language and meticulously coordinated color shades, which are usually detached from common color principles to stand for themselves. Through the three-dimensionality in the layering of materials and color fields, his works not only arouse associations with sculpture and installation, but also thematise sensory experience as such. To this end, Knoebel condenses form tension and color saturation to the highest intensity and creates individual worlds of imagination on the part of the observer through the visual exploration of their interplay.

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